We are Not Pure Filipinos

To say this is to admit that we as a people are not a pure breed which is in fact has its own positive connotations. One positive thing about our race is that we can be versatile. Versatility means we can play different roles and adapt to different environment since our race is a mixture of many peoples. Mongrels may not be pure breeds but they have the highest tolerance to adverse conditions compared to pure breeds I guess. This blog is a celebration of all that is Filipino and that implies a mosaic of different cultures blended in one person who is distinctively a different flavor or design from the others. We are a creative lot and we celebrate our diversity. This blog will feature some of the good things that a Filipino acquires from his/her vast experience in life, from his/her journeys and wanderings. We are the true “people of the world” and with that is the capacity to find our niche wherever we are in the part of the globe.  We will talk about Art, Food, Music, Poetry, People, Spirituality and many other beautiful things that make life what it is–worth living!


About bagoboprincess2011

Ako ay isang Lumad subalit lumaki at nagkamalay sa ciudad. Ako ay isang Pilipina na tagasubaybay ng mga pagbabagong nagaganap sa aking bansa upang maintindihan ko ang aking tungkulin bilang isang mananampalatayang Pilipino...
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