When hope enters a heart, no one can stop it from dreaming of a better life. When the seed of hope begins to grow it will create many transformations in the life of a person. Then he/she begins to know what’s real and what’s not. This poem hopes to illustrate the movement of the Filipino spirit that has encountered what real and eternal life is…..

I burst  like a flower

kissed by the eternal Sun

I fear nothing even if my days

are numbered on this earth.

As petals turned pale

and I lay my head down

Tomorrow awakes me

to another day.

I see open spaces

of vast infinity

mirroring silver lakes

and pathways of gold.

Life begins now to eternity

Mourning turned to dancing

In this land of the living.


About bagoboprincess2011

Ako ay isang Lumad subalit lumaki at nagkamalay sa ciudad. Ako ay isang Pilipina na tagasubaybay ng mga pagbabagong nagaganap sa aking bansa upang maintindihan ko ang aking tungkulin bilang isang mananampalatayang Pilipino...
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